Your donation to the Big 7 Association goes a long way to assist us with numerous projects.

What We Do


The Big 7 Association provides needed scholarships to our youth and are solid supporters of quality education. We believe in our kids and are here to assist them in any way possible. Read Scholarship Article
DOWNLOAD BIG 7 ONLY APPLICATION  (All other opportunities see your local guidance counselor)

Community Beautification

The Big 7 Association has in the past, engaged in several clean up projects throughout the community.  The Big 7 Association is dedicated to making the community the nicest place to live.

Boys & Girls Club Activities

We support the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of America and can always be counted on to lend a hand where ever possible.

After School Programs

The Big 7 Association helps with After School Programs and assist our teachers to give our students the best possibility for a good education.

Food Drives

We continue to add value to our community and are providing need food to many in the area. We need your help to boost our efforts and can’t wait to combine our talents with your. Find out more

Job Forum

Big 7 Association occasionally provide opportunities for potential job hires to come and meet and speak with employers from the local area.