Big 7 Association | One lifting One to Uplift All
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Recognized by the South Carolina State House of Representatives.


Our work has been noticed throughout the state and we continue to receive praise as we change the community around us.

Recognized By South Carolina State of Represenatives

Partner Banquets and Awards

Our work with our partners is has been the key to many break throughs.  We host an annual awards banquet every year and look forward to the impact in our world.  Become a part of this mighty association today.

Firing up our community

We are reaching out into our community and building relationships that will help us to grow.  We need your help and are looking for partners along our journey.  Click the link below and let’s start the change today.

After School Programs

The Big 7 Association helps with After School Programs and assist our teachers to give our students the best possibility for a good education.

Community Beautification

Several of our programs clean up areas throughout the community.  The Big 7 Association is dedicated to cleaning our streets and making our community the nicest place to live.

Boys & Girls Club Activities

We support the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of America and can always be counted on to lend a hand where ever possible.

Job Training and Placement

Our job training programs have been a staple for many looking for work in this starving economy.  Seek us out and see what we have to offer.

The Big 7 Association is thankful to all who have assisted us throughout the years. Together, we can make a difference.